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Elephant & Castle.


"Negative myths about past-fashion like maggot-filled wigs and rib-breaking corsets are so easy to accept because they’re self-congratulatory. We’re so much wiser now in 2014, aren’t we?"
— Isabella Bradford of Two Nerdy History Girls

Print is “The Flower Garden,” by Matthias Darly, 1777. Walpole Library, Yale University.

"I have to guard the Water Temple as the Sage of Water…"


"Das Ballsouper" by Adolph von Menzel, 1878

Hyrule Warriors + Princess Ruto


Spring - John Lavery


Ocarina of Time Link & Zelda scenes

Requested by rouya

Elisabeth of Austria (1837 - 1898)


Valsen by Anders Zorn


Le Follet early 1800’s fashion plate


Lee Pace with eyeliner should be ilegal



The Corset’s Effect

Photo Credits: 

1. corset, 1750-75, from Metropolitan Museum of Art | Portrait of Grand Duchess Maria Fiodorovna by Alexander Roslin, 1777

2. corset, 1839-41, from Metropolitan Museum of Art | Marquise de Béthisy as Orientalin, 1833

3. corset, 1810-50, from Metropolitan Museum of Art | Portrait of Charlotte and Elizabeth Sullivan, daughters of Sir Richard Sullivanby Reinagle Ramsay Richard, 1810

4. corset, 1909, from Metropolitan Museum of Art | photograph, c. 1910-13

5. corset, by Maison Léoty, 1891, from Metropolitan Museum of Art | A Bar at the Folies-Bergere by Edouard Manet, 1882

6. corset, c. 1876, from Metropolitan Museum of Art | On the Thames by James Tissot, c. 1874

7. corset, by Worcester Corset Company, c. 1898, from Metropolitan Museum of Art | Mrs. Ralph Curtis by John Singer Sargent, 1898

Please don’t remove the credits. 


Art by Alphonse Mucha

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